So I’ve come to believe that openness itself isn’t a good thing. I dunno, I think my pastor believes something similar, that you shouldn’t always say everything, even to the people closest to you. Anyway, I’ve read some non-Christian thought pages that are incredibly open and I find it depressing. No, depressing is the wrong word. Enlightening. Just that openness isn’t necessarily good. It makes everything seem OK, and I’m not down with that.

I dunno, I think about guilt a lot. And I think guilt is good in a sense. It indicates what’s wrong. But mostly it’s bad, it’s stifling. The Christian solution to guilt is Jesus, grace and forgiveness. The world’s response to guilt I think is saying that nothing is wrong, so there’s nothing to be guilty about. So anything goes, everything’s OK, and they’re more and more open about things because that helps foster the feeling that’s it’s OK. I dunno, I don’t think that’s good.


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