I think my favorite moment, maybe random, but it was having Mexican food on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Just, the food was decent, it was cheap, the atmosphere was nice, a warm pleasant night by the water, and conversation with good friends. I dunno, just a good time.

As for Settlers, I’m still figuring the game out, I think. I won for the very first time out of maybe 15 games in my life. I think the ideal strategy at any point is for everyone to gang up on who’s winning. That gives everyone the best chance. I dunno.

Anyway, I believe there was a conspiracy in regards to JFK’s assassination. Definitely didn’t happen the way the Warren commission says. I dunno, just my opinion. Just looking at the tape, it defies common sense. But who knows.

Last thing. Someone explain to me what a tower is. Is a tower just any tall structure? Or is there something distinctive about it? I kind of think a tower needs to be kind of thin with the majority of the “stuff” at the top. Dunno if that makes sense. But like Hoover Tower, it’s fairly bare except at the top. CN Tower in Toronto, same thing, it’s mostly narrow with all the stuff at the top. But then, what makes it the Sears Tower? And why is it just an Empire State Building? No clue.

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