I kind of regret not visiting the tower in San Antonio. You know, it’s a Freudian thing or something, but so many cities have towers and whatever. And I/we have been to a lot of them during our road trips. First one I visited Sears Tower. Second we saw Space Needle. Third, CN Tower. This year some of us (not I) saw this random tower in Dallas. Did you even know Dallas had a tower? I dunno, whatever. So by the time we got to San Antonio we were towered out, especially for a tower we’ve never heard of before.

It turns out the San Antonio tower is a pretty big deal. It’s the 2nd tallest freestanding (no idea what that means) tower in the United States. After the Stratosphere. I’ve been to the Stratosphere, with Marshall. Been to the tallest tower in the world, CN Tower. Been to the tallest building in the US, Sears Tower (no idea why it’s called a tower but is a building. Very confused). So it would have been nice to add to the collection with the 2nd tallest tower in the US. Taller than the Space Needle, it turns out. Oh well.

We did get to see, although we didn’t go up, the Transco Tower in Houston, however. Next to the water wall. It’s the tallest non-downtown building in the world.

Geesh, I’m really sticking in there with these boring entries. Oh well.

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