Am I the only one really excited about the Israel-Palestine talks? I dunno, it just seems like they’re making real progress. Sharon seems to have changed his stance considerably. Looks like the U.S. isn’t antagonizing Palestine. I’m just very hopeful, because stuff is happening that hasn’t happened before.

Of course there’s still time for things to get screwed up like it has in the past. What I can’t believe though is there are talks that Sharon’s concessions could spark a civil war in Israel and assassination attempts. I dunno, that’s ridiculous to me. It’s clear (I think) that the U.S. will not accept a super hardline stance from Israel now, and without U.S. support, Israel cannot exist. So what are these idiots thinking?

I dunno, I just hope it all works out, that would be awesome. Next step, hope Kim Jong Il dies. Nothing bloody or anything, I dunno, maybe just a heart attack from all the rich food he eats.

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