I think I use the words interesting and fascinating too much. But I dunno, I find lots of things interesting. I’m sure it’s boring to everyone else though. But that’s the beauty of the web. You get bored, you can just click back whenever you want. I certainly do with some sites.

So another thing I find interesting: how much Asianness Asians need. Especially regarding churches. I dunno, just interesting to me. I met up with some friends this weekend who are looking for churches and we were talking a bit. Some people need a Korean church. That astounds me. I dunno, I would be OK with a Korean church, but to *need* it… wow. Others need an Asian church. Other people don’t care.

I guess the person that fascinates me the most is Andrew. Just, he feels slightly uncomfortable at Asian churches. Makes sense, he’s never really attended one. Thing is, he needs a big Asian influence in general. Really into Chinatowns, not a super Texas fan because of the subdued Asian influence. Isn’t that a fascinating combination? I dunno. With most people I’d say it’s the opposite. We’re cool with whatever for work, school, life in general. But when it comes to church, we end up with fellow Asians. Just seems to happen that way. But Andrew’s the reverse. Interesting.

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