So Reloaded isn’t holding up too well. Had a huge opening, but successive weeks has dropped percentage-wise considerably. Guess audiences aren’t connecting with the film, or mixed word of mouth or something.

Here’s the interesting thing. This is only true in America. Apparently worldwide, or in particular Europe, Reloaded is holding up really well in successive weeks. I dunno, that’s interesting to me. Are European audiences connecting with the movie more than American ones? And if so, why?

I actually have a theory. So this is my current take on Reloaded: it’s an art film. And that affects how it should be viewed. I was having a debate with someone on this. Who was saying it’s too popular to be an art film. I disagree. I dunno, I’m with you if you’re talking about a cult film. Because that designation by definition deals with popularity and stuff. Being outside the mainstream. But being an art film doesn’t have to do with popularity, but the intent of the filmmakers in the construction of the movie. I dunno, just my take, maybe I’m wrong. It’s kind of hard to defend my position because I’m not entirely sure what an art film is. But I stand by it.

Anyway, I think it’s an art film, and in a lot of ways, it’s intentionally challenging. Stuff like the rave scene. It’s clearly intentional. Not an editing mistake – they wanted it to go on and on. Does it work? I dunno, you can debate that. But I think there were artistic, meaningful reasons they made the scene that way. If you don’t like it, you can’t say it was sloppy. It’s more that it was misguided. But I dunno, I think, like an art film, lots of elements intentionally challenging.

So my theory is that Europeans are more patient and willing to accept film that’s challenging, both in form and theme, than American audiences. No clue if this is true. It’s just, I dunno, the European movies I’ve seen tend to be more like that. Even the mainstreamish ones like Run Lola Run. I dunno, my theory.

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