So I went to one of the most bold weddings I’ve ever been to this weekend and I feel like writing about it.

First of all, it was one of those big Chinese weddings. Where everyone is Chinese, I’m virtually the only Korean person there. SN. I’m not denying that Koreans are racist. But I can’t think of a wedding I’ve been to where the entire wedding party was Korean. I probably have, I just can’t think of one. Whereas, I’ve been to at least a couple now where they’re all Chinese.

So yeah, bold wedding. First of all, they had the slide show during the ceremony. Bold, right? I dunno, I thought so.

The praise was also bold. You know, lots of weddings nowadays of our generation Christians have praise. I did. I’m down with that. But some of the praise times have been bold lately. Like the one in TX, they chose the songs Wonderful Cross and Here I Am To Worship. I thought that was bold. Just, the first, and somewhat the second, are kind of morbid topics. It’s about the death of our Lord on the cross. Great songs, just, bold for a wedding you know? I dunno, maybe that’s just me.

Anyway yeah, this wedding, they sang, among other songs, Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble. (In A, btw, not that anyone cares.) I dunno, I think that’s a bold song for a wedding. Maybe that’s just me.

Here’s the boldest part – the bride and groom led praise *themselves*. So during the ceremony, right after the Scripture reading, they move from the center of the stage to the left, groom picks up a guitar, bride picks up a mic, and they lead worship. Absolutely bold. I was going crazy. I dunno, just never seen anything like that before. Cool stuffs.

I guess that’s really the only bold thing but it was plenty bold for me.

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