Brainteaser for you nerds out there.

Say you’re in the exact center of a lake that is a perfect circle. Your goal is to get to the shore. The problem is, there is a monster guarding the shore, who is able to move all along the circumference of the lake. He is able to move 4 times as fast as you can, and it is a smart monster – at any point in time it will move along the circumference in such a way as to minimize the distance between itself and you. If you can make it to any spot on the shore before the monster, even if it’s just a split second, you’re safe. Question is, is this possible, and if so, how?

Obviously, it is possible, or I wouldn’t be asking, so how do you do it? You can’t just go straight in the opposite direction from where the monster is. If the radius of the lake is R, distance from monster’s starting point to opposite side along the circumference is Rπ, which, since the monster travels 4 times as fast as you, it can reach before you will. So what can you do?

Prolly only Eric and Dave care, if them, but yeah, I’ll post a solution in a few days I guess. I actually figured this out, which I’m proud of. I dunno, maybe it’s not that hard. But yeah.

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