There was this irony that came out as I talked with those doctor wives. Actually, Is it an irony? I dunno, more ironic than anything in that Alanis song for sure.

Anyway yeah, all doctors know that the earlier you have kids, the better. After a certain age, the risk of complications rises rapidly. So yeah, earlier, the better. Thing is, for many of them, because they’re doctors, they’re forced to have kids later. Which they’re kinda sad about. But what can you do.

I dunno, goes along with my friend saying how her doctor dad always tells his patients, watch what you eat, don’t work so much, your health always comes first. While he works like crazy, no matter how he feels, and goes to medical conferences where they serve mad decadent food. It’s almost like being a doctor precludes one from doing what you know is best for your health. Which is interesting.

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