Another repeated story.

So I actually like driving long distances. Sometimes, when I’m in the mood. Another thing about me is that I like to push myself. In certain things. So like, I once drove solo from Houston to Stanford. Anyway, a good first day’s driving is to Fort Stockton. Push yourself, and you can get to El Paso.

I wanted to really push myself, so when I came out, the first day I reached Lordsburg, NM. That’s more than 900 miles from Houston, and I had left Houston at 11 AM after having breakfast with my parents. I dunno, it was pretty insane.

Anyway, I would have went further except I think I was going insane. At one point I was listening to music and started feeling euphoric. Just, really really happy, and happy about the fact that I was happy. About 30 minutes later, I started feeling extremely depressed. Like, I was ready to turn right back around to Houston and drop out of grad school. Just extremely depressed. And this all in the span of about an hour. I dunno, I think I was going crazy.

Is there a point to this? Not really. I just think about that trip whenever I do the LA drive. Because on the second day of that journey, I went from Lordsburg to Stanford (1000 miles) and I distinctly remember thinking how easy the LA to Bay Area stretch was. Relatively, it was nothing.

I can’t believe I drove 2000 miles in 2 days. That’s insane.

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