I love how Karen thinks I have Asperger’s. I dunno, it amuses me.

Anyway, yeah, I used to worry about that but I don’t anymore. Just, this cluelessness is only with females. Seriously. And it’s not just me, it’s the entire male race that has this problem. Yes, I’m saying males and females are different races.

I wrote about that before in regards to Blind Date. I love that show. Good trashy sinful fun. Anyway, yeah, most of the time the guys are clueless. That’s just how guys are with girls I realized. And I’m no better. There was this one great show where this guy was acting all cool and hard and he was just being a punk and annoying the girl and he didn’t realize. Until finally she just says, “So should I kick your a** now or later?” And he was kind of surprised that she took it that way. I dunno, good times.

Anyway, my opinion, but I think women need to know that men are clueless. Don’t expect us to get all your subtle hints or whatever. That’s basically the theme of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. We’ll get better at it, whatever, but we’ll never understand it, unless we’re gay. Which is why gay men and women get along so well, I think. I dunno.

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