I’ve actually never gotten annoyed at either Henry or Dave, I think. Just pissed. It’s binary like that. Either I’m fine, or pissed, nothing in between. With them at least.

Should I say what annoys me though? Two things come to mind.

One, I get annoyed when people have to give input on *everything*, even if they have no clue what they’re talking about. When they have no clue, they’ll just say something to say something, even if it’s blatantly wrong. Annoys me. Why is it that important to pretend that you know everything? No clue.

Two, I get annoyed when people question everything you say. It’s like playing Devil’s Advocate to the extreme. We all know people like this, right? No matter what you say, they’ll question it, just because. Like, here’s an example a friend gave me. He was saying how he was in the dining hall, and was saying how the food was good today. And this guy, a typical counter-everything person, was questioning that. It’s not *that* good. So friend says something like, well, at least this beef is good. Guy questions that. So finally, friend settles for, well, at least to him, he likes the food. And the guy questions even that! How he even *feels* about it! Argh!

Anyway, yeah, people who question everything, annoys me. It’s related to the CS majors that annoy Dave I think. Who like question professors about whether long ago proved theorems are true. Hello.

That said, I’ve been thinking recently whether it’s wrong to get annoyed like that. I dunno, I’m just thinking. I’ve been thinking about rage a lot recently. And I think rage is wrong. It’s natural, sure, but for Christians, I don’t think we should treat it as acceptable. I dunno, am I wrong?

I dunno, I’m still thinking about what my pastor said. Scripture never talks about personal rights. That’s very powerful to me. Never talks about defending yourself or retaliating when someone attacks or offends you. It says the opposite. Turn the other cheek. Love your enemies. Pray for those who persecute you. So yeah, rage, defending yourself, retaliation, that’s all natural, but it’s clearly anti-Biblical. And as Christians, I wonder if we err by taking these things as acceptable. In particular, I wonder if I’m making a mistake when I get unabashedly and fully annoyed. I dunno, mulling it over.

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