So I had an interesting conversation this weekend with a germaphobe. I’m wondering how commonplace this attitude is. So, our convo centered on double dipping. You know, a lot of people object to double dipping. Dipping a chip, taking a bite, then dipping that same chip in the dip again. You know, spreading germs and all.

So this person objects to something I sometimes do. And that is, I dip a chip, bite, and then turn the chip around so I dip from the unbitten end. So I’m never dipping a part that was bit, and I never dip a chip more than twice, just once per end. This person’s against that. His reasoning being, the germs could crawl from the bitten end to the other end, which you’re then sticking in the dip. So if someone does that, he won’t use the dip.

I dunno, that seems insane to me, but maybe other people feel the same way? No clue.

Here’s the odd thing. He once dropped a scone in a Starbucks parking lot. All he did was pick it up, brush it off, and then eat it. Why is the flip double dip method bad but the parking lot ok? Because the parking lot is “dry”. I dunno, seemed inconsistent to me. So we were trying to bring up scenarios. What if someone flip double dips, “contaminating” the dip, and then someone drops the dip on the parking lot? The germs could crawl across the chip, why couldn’t they crawl across the parking lot? Can they fly?

I dunno, I think extreme germaphobia is too much.

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