The tough part about not having a cell phone isn’t that itself. I mean, we all survived without cell phones for years. No big whoop. What’s hard is that now we live in a cell phone culture. Meaning, the culture’s changed so where you didn’t need one before, you need one now. It’s being in that cell phone culture that makes not having one hard, and as one of the last holdouts, I’m not sure if other people understand.

Like before, if you had to meet someone, you’d make very specific plans about when and where you’d meet. Nowadays, people just kinda make vague plans and say to call when you get near. Cell phone culture. And that sucks for me, because if the plans don’t go perfectly smoothly, I’m screwed. I have to wander around in hopes of finding them or find a pay phone (some of which are 50ยข now – an outrage). And both have happened to me enough times. Where I’ve had to walk around and yell. Or pay the exorbitant pay phone fees. (Or rely on highway Call Boxes which are broken – which is another story.)

Anyway, I’m thinking I need to give up the war and get one. It’s just, it’s becoming a cell phone culture. And where I could survive before, it’s getting harder now. We’ll see we’ll see.

SN. My mom doesn’t dislike the phrase “hanging out”. It just amuses her because she has no idea what that means.

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