2 questions.

One, do the Psalms rhyme? In the original Hebrew I mean. I’m just curious.

Second question is for cults. The small, unpopular ones. My question is, at what point do you just throw up your hands and say, I give up? You know, cults think they have an exclusive hold on the truth. You would think though, that if they were true, they’d be a bit more popular. Not that there’s a direct relationship between level of truth and popularity. It’s just, if it’s true, you’d think there’d be a minimum level of popularity, just based on the inherent power of truth.

I’m asking because I randomly came across the web page of some group called the New Church. From the web page: “The New Church (Church of the New Jerusalem) is based on the Bible, and on the teachings of the 18th Century Scientist and Theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg.” I browsed through this and other pages and the humor possibilities are endless. Starting with the name “Swedenborg”. One of the things that attest to his greatness is that he was an accomplished lens grinder. I dunno, just lots of material to work with.

Anyway yeah, they believe that Swedenborg ushered in a new understanding of Christianity, which would renew the whole church, hence the name New Church. The thing is, it’s been 250 years and the group is still less than 50,000 people. Is that renewal? Is that revolutionizing Christianity? I dunno, maybe it’s growing but it just seems kind of sad to me, their claims versus reality. So I wonder. When do you just give up? Can a cult do that? Collectively say, you know what? We were supposed to change the world, but you know, it doesn’t look like it’s working out, so we give up? I dunno.

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