Here’s Henry’s fundamental flaw, I think. His problem is, it’s far easier to annoy him than it is for him to annoy other people. Like Dave says, trying to annoy Henry is like breathing. I myself have annoyed Henry far more than he’s annoyed me, and I wasn’t even trying.

The other thing is this: the things that annoy me tend to annoy him also, usually more so, so he can’t do those things – it’s against his nature. Like, out of tune instruments annoy me. They destroy Henry. So he can’t really annoy me that way. It comes out forced, and that’s more bemusing than annoying.

So my claim is, if Henry really wants to be annoying, he has to lighten up. Not let things bother him so much. It will open up a world of possibilities for him, without being forced.

John’s forced humor is annoying though.

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