I just saw Reloaded again. On IMAX. (See Morpheus being a pompous arse on an 8 storey tall screen!)

Dude, I loved it. I’m trying to figure out whether it’s just because it was the second time watching it, whether it’s because of all the thinking I did about it since the last time, whether it was the Animatrix, or whether it’s because of IMAX. I think it’s primarily the first and second things.

I dunno, it’s an amazing movie, I think. At the end I wanted to stand up and applaud. Almost every problem I had with the movie, I didn’t have the second time. Like, I had no problem with the pacing at all. Even the rave scene, didn’t annoy me, I think it’s kind of interesting, actually, what it means.

And the stuff I liked, I still liked, maybe even more. All the interesting philosophical / religious ideas. The fight scenes – incredible. And the story is actually really really interesting. The dialogue is actually well crafted, I think. Every line is meaningful, interesting and rich. I dunno, I found the story fascinating.

As for the IMAX part, I thought it was pretty awesome. I sneaked into a normal showing after it was done, just to see the picture contrast, and it’s noticeable – the detail is amazing on IMAX. Like, you can really see the poor quality of Laurence Fishburne’s skin. And the sense of size with the Nebuchadnezzar and Zion is much more pronounced. The sound was also better. That said, I dunno if the IMAX thing made it a fundamentally different experience, or if it’s a must see. I’m glad I saw it that way though. The picture quality is pretty amazing.

Anyway yeah, I forgot what rating I gave it but it was even better for me the 2nd time. I’m bumping it up to 4.75. I would give it 5 (I liked it that much) except the Bane character is still confusing to me and Morpheus still really annoyed me. Although, even that was less annoying than the first time. His speech in Zion is more bearable the 2nd time I think. But his isn’t that worth dying for speech at the end… argh. For the love of God, someone give him a wedgie.

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