One more Reloaded note. At least for now.

So the Merovingian says something that struck me, that I didn’t notice before. (SN – I think the mother of the Matrix isn’t the Oracle. Just the way the Architect says, “Please!” when Neo says it is. I dunno, a feeling.) He says that there is no control, I’ve said before how I love this scene. But he goes on to say that power, therefore, is in knowing why. And he chastises Neo for coming to him without even knowing why.

I jive with that. The Oracle earlier says how Neo needs to understand why he does what he does. Merovingian then says that there is power in knowing why. I dunno, it struck me. It’s very Os Guinness The Call esque. Just, when we know that we’re called, or why we’re doing what we’re doing, a host of powerful things comes with that.

It struck me because I think that’s what I’m lacking in life right now. I dunno, I feel vaguely dissatisfied with what I’m doing, and it’s largely because I don’t know the why. It’s not like I was forced into it. I freely chose to do what I do. But what’s missing is a larger understanding of why I’m doing what I’m doing. And because of that, I’m lacking the power that comes from knowing the why. The Call. I dunno, just a thought that went through my mind.

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