So, I’m generally not an anti the crowd type of guy. Like Dave and Henry are. You know, if the crowd likes it, they’re inclined to not like it. Which is just another way of being led by the crowd. But anyway. Yeah, I just like what I like, people be darned. Sometimes people don’t generally like it (Reloaded, it seems like). Sometimes people do (Titanic. At least at first. But even though everyone’s turned on it, I’m still there).

But whatever, I’m becoming elitist with Coldplay. Is anyone in the world not “influenced” by them now? I dunno, irrational rage on my part. I think what it is this review of a Coldplay concert I read in the Merc by Brad Kava, in which he just tore them to bits. I was mildly pro before, but I dunno, it was just a compelling review, revealing how Coldplay is beautiful, lush, and ultimately empty.

I dunno, I’m being too harsh. I like hollow music though, is the thing. Like John Mayer. A lot of pop. And I’m still mildly pro Coldplay. So I have no clue what I’m saying.

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