So apparently Lorraine can’t believe I’m still talking about Reloaded.

Reloaded note. Spoilers.

There’s a lot of interesting little touches in the movie. The Merovingian’s restaurant is called Le Vrai (Truth?) and the wine he offers Neo is called “in vino veritas”. Something like that. There’s also a really interesting shot when they’re walking through the restaurant. Neo looks at someone being led out, and this weird music plays. Interesting.

Anyway, apparently the live action scenes in the Enter The Matrix video game are interesting, possibly insightful. Unfortunately, I can’t find out exactly what they say. I did find a transcript of a convo between Niobe and the Oracle. It’s pretty interesting. The fact that the Oracle and Niobe have met before. In the movie, not everyone believes in the Oracle. Kind of explains why Niobe volunteers to find the Nebuchadnezzar.

Also, the Oracle says of Neo, “he touched the source and separated his mind from his body. Now he lies trapped in a place between your world and ours.” What does that mean? Interesting. Goes on to say that Trinity can free him.

She also mentions again some possible hostility between her and the Merovingian. Also interesting. That’s how they explain the actress change (since Gloria Foster died during filming) I guess.

I’m still looking for the entire ETM transcript but I can only find it in French. Babelfish is rough at best and won’t do the whole page. Anyone speak French and want to help me out? Translate the page for me?

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