Neo’s first convo with Smith is actually really interesting. Smith talks about purpose, blah blah blah. But then he says, what he wants from Neo is what Neo took from him. Purpose. I wish I had a transcript of this, might be remembering it wrong. But the implication is, Smith at the moment doesn’t have purpose, and that’s what drives him crazy. It’s not that his purpose is to kill Neo. He wants to do that (or does he?) to get purpose back. But how will killing Neo give him purpose again? Interesting.

Geez, I’m putting a lot of stock in the 3rd movie to answer all these questions. The reason I think it’s possible is because the 2nd movie addressed a lot of questions people had about the 1st well. Like the time era problem. Or the, if the Oracle is so smart, why is she still in the Matrix problem. That’s the basis of my hope in the 3rd movie. We’ll see I guess. It might suck.

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