I have a question about law, kinda of a philosophical one. What’s the purpose of laws? It’s to protect everyone’s rights I suppose, right? So that people don’t screw each other. My question is, do you think it’s right to have laws against things where people can only hurt themselves?

I’m not talking about stuff like drug use. That affects other people. Like drunk driving does. It has an impact. But more stuff like, wearing a helmet when riding a motorcycle. Why legislate against that? Not wearing a helmet doesn’t make one more prone to crash, hurt others. The only person it can hurt is the person not wearing it. And it’s an utterly stupid thing to do, not wear one. But should we legislate against stupidity?

Personally, I say no. If people are going to stupid, not wear a helmet, maybe even seat belts, I say go on ahead. It’s only their own lives they’re playing with. But we might as well give them that freedom, no? I dunno.

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