My Stanford inCircle account kills me. Basically I accepted every invite I got but never invited anyone myself. So the list is kinda random. Er1c Beerb0hm? J0el Truj1ll0? J0seph G9n? I dunno, random.

So another way in which I’m cheap.

I bought an Entertainment Book recently. I dunno, I’m a coupon guy and if you’re careful about it there are some good deals. Anyway, one benefit of the book is you can buy movie tickets vouchers online, at $5.50 a pop. That’s pretty good, given that AMC Mercado is $9.50 now. There’s a shipping charge or something so I get the max number I can (12) at a time.

You can’t watch movies in the first couple weeks of release, but that’s no big whoop to me. And in California, they never expire. Plus you can still use an AMC MovieWatcher card if you use that for other benefits. And, if you use the card on Wednesday, I think you get a free popcorn with every ticket. So that’s my new MO. Buy the discount tix online, go on a Wednesday, get free popcorn, and as you accumulate points, get other nice things as well. Not bad, I think.

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