I wouldn’t worry about it, Henry – I don’t expect to get a lot of comments, if any. My theory is, you get what you give. So yeah, if you post stuff like “My party was last Friday and it wuz da BOMB! Mad props to everyone who came.” etc. then yeah, you’ll get comments to match. But since my posts are boring drivel that interest possibly no one (esp. the Reloaded ones) who the heck will respond? No one. So why even have it? Love of the game.

So here’s one thing I think I’ve “realized” lately, in regards to my vocation. Growing up, I always learned that you won’t find fulfillment in your job. I’d say it’s a message that was repeated fairly often. And I think I took that to heart. The way it manifested itself later was, I didn’t really care what I did. In college, a lot of people were career driven, towards particular goals or whatever. I didn’t really care. I just kind of stumbled upon CS and here I am, not even completely sure how I got here. And the reason is, I just didn’t care that much. You won’t find fulfillment in your job, so why make it a huge priority?

The reason I don’t chalk it up to my natural laziness is this. The stuff I do believe to be important, stuff like church and community and serving, I’m fairly proactive about. Since high school, I’ve always gotten involved quickly and deeply in whatever church I was going to. And fairly aggressive in finding a church. That I’m so proactive with church but not with work I think indicates the value I place in work. Which is, not much.

I dunno, is that so wrong? I’m still trying to figure that part out. But yeah, I’m bouncing back to the other direction again. Work doesn’t bring fulfillment, so it doesn’t matter *that* much what I do, so I might as well stick with what I’m doing for a while. I dunno.

You know what’s kind of been running through my head though. In regards to what I want to do. I kind of want to start a software company that makes stuff that would be useful for Christians, for the church. Not a Christian software company. We’d be for profit and all that. But, focusing on things that might be good for the Kingdom, even if it’s not directly geared towards that. You know, like microfinance software, or stuff like that. Use my coding skills for good, not evil. I dunno, just a pipe dream but something I’ve been thinking.

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