I’ve said this before, but the worst dis is when someone is being completely genuine. We were playing ball today and this one guy asks another, “So is there a reason you never go left? Are you not able to or you just don’t like it?” 100% sincere. Ouch.

Sometimes I think I’m an idiot. Just, I learn things now that I should have learned a long long time ago. So like, for years now, every time I played basketball, afterwards I’d get a huge headache and be really sore. It was awful.

You know what I realized recently? If I stretch before and after playing, I’m not nearly as sore, especially my back. And if I drink a lot of water, I don’t get headaches, or not nearly as bad. I must have been getting dehydrated or something. I dunno, isn’t that kind of obvious? But yeah, I went through it for years and never stopped to consider why it might be happening.

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