Argh, I explained that reading terribly. Main point – if anyone is valuing the world too much, they should focus not on how useless the world is but on knowing God, and His incredible grace, more.

So we went to lunch today and I/we were singing random 80s TV show theme songs. Good times. Full House took a while to remember but we got that also. Anyway, during lunch this random guy comes up to our table and says how he overheard us singing. In particular, he was really impressed that I knew all the words to the Golden Girls theme (which is ridiculous – that’s a gimme). So he was just talking to us and wanting to challenge us, like with the Mary Tyler Moore theme.

Then his wife came, clearly embarrassed, and dragged him away, apologizing to us for him bothering our table. I dunno, that just amused me because I saw me and Jieun in them. Me doing random things and her getting embarrassed by it. I love my wife.

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