Whoa. I just got a 99 on Minesweeper. Finally broke the 100 barrier.

In other news, I got hung up on by a telemarketer today. Ouch. I can’t think of a worse dis.

So here’s something about women I think I’ll never understand. Let’s call it the Alex and Emma effect. I think that’s the name of the movie. Whatever it is, it’s fairly obvious, even on a superficial glance, that’s it’s a bad movie. What’s more, it’s gotten poor reviews. And Jieun and I have talked about this. We both know that the movie is, in all likelihood, bad. Despite all this, Jieun *still* wants to watch the movie.

I dunno, I’ll never understand that.

Jieun literally said this phrase today: “Alex and Emma or Legally Blonde 2… decisions, decisions.” Egad. Come by here, my Lord. Come by here.

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