So my sister’s into Cities and Knights of Catan now, and she says, like everyone before her has said, that you can’t go back to original Settlers. Interesting. By the way, you have to read the instructions to Cities and Knights. They’re hilarious. First of all, the overly reverential references to Settlers. They don’t call it a game, they call it a “masterwork”. Hilarious.

Also, the instructions take the time to explain that when they say “Settlers” they mean Settlers of Catan, and when they say “Cities and Knights” they mean Cities and Knights of Catan. My sister and I were having a field day with that one, the quote thing. “Hey, let’s play Settlers!” “Huh? What’s that?” “Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s play ‘Settlers’ (with the finger quotes)”. “Oh, Settlers of Catan. OK, let’s play!” I dunno, absurd.

I’m not sure if people know this about me, but I like playing games a lot. You know, like Settlers, Bohnanza, stuff like that. I look fondly on the end of the 420 James era when Eric, Arthur and I played Bohnanza essentially every night while Keith ignored us to do other stuff. I dunno, good times.

It’s sad because now, I essentially have no one to play with. I’ve been trying to get a Settlers game going for literally weeks. Frankly, I’m not sure it’s ever gonna happen. So yeah, I’m kind of jealous of Dave and his gaming crew.

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