Why is it that gay men are more fashionable? Isn’t that odd? But yeah, I take a gay man’s opinion on fashion at least as if not more seriously than a woman’s.

So I’ve been thinking about why I have no fashion sense, and part of it is inherent, but I think the roommates I’ve had didn’t help. Henry is one of the most conservative dressers on the planet. He’s against flat front pants (vs. pleated). And of course one of my first impressions of him was running into him studying out on the lawn at Stanford… in full Hilfiger gear. I’ll never get over that.

John wears clogs almost all the time. And double breasted suits unbuttoned. Minus 3 buttons.

Don’t get me started on Eric. If his nipples aren’t showing, he’s dressed up.

About the only fashionable roommate I’ve had in the past 5 years was Keith, but he was *too* fashionable. Just, if you’re a guy and wearing stretch pants and you utilize the stretch, to me that’s too tight. Not tite. Tight. For me at least. I dunno, baby steps.

There’s another factor I think in my fashion cluelessness. It’s that I like keeping clothes for as long as humanly possible. That’s the tightwad in me. So like, the sneakers I wear I’ve had since about ’96. My basketball shoes I’ve had since ’94. They’re vintage Nike Air Force high tops. I have this red shirt from ’93. And I still wear some church T-shirts from high school.

I like to keep things forever, and don’t like to buy things, so it’s hard to keep up with fashion. I dunno. My closet slowly evolves with the 1 or 2 pieces of clothing my mom or sister buy for me each year but yeah, given my tendencies, I’m always behind.

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