So here’s something I don’t understand about the Reformed faith. Do Google search on it and you will see frequently mentioned that the Reformed faith is the most consistent Christian faith.

My question is, why is consistency such a big freaking deal? I ask this for a couple reasons. One, I rant about this all the time, but life isn’t consistent. Secular philosophy consists in large part of problems, essentially inconsistencies in the way we think about the world. Life is inconsistent.

More to the point, I think Christianity is “inconsistent” in ways also. Which I jive with because life is inconsistent. Certain things are just mysteries and that’s all we can really say. Like the central doctrine of the Trinity. It’s rightly called the mystery of the Trinity. From a logical standpoint, it’s inconsistent. You can’t say it’s one God and each person is just an aspect of God. That’s inaccurate. You can’t say each person is a God, so there are three Gods. That’s heretical. Three persons, one God. It’s a mystery. But true.

So if life is inconsistent, and in Christianity some central tenets are acknowledged mysteries, I don’t understand why being the most “consistent” Christian faith demonstrates that it’s closest to the truth.

I do applaud the Reformed faith’s desire to be as close to Scripture as possible though. That’s good.

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