It amuses me how naive kids can be. I was talking with a friend who’s involved with a youth ministry and the teachers there had stumbled onto the kids’ blogs where they let it all hang out, their foul language and their fouler lifestyles. Uh, not sure about the details, but yeah, they let it all hang out.

When the teachers talked to them about it, they were all shocked that they (the teachers) had found the pages. Completely shocked. Somehow they believed they could let it all out on the web and that all their friends would read it but no one else, teachers, parents, etc. would ever know about it.

How naive. I dunno. If you’re gonna write on the world wide web, you have to expect that people are gonna find it. Friends yeah. But other people also. Neighbors, coworkers, teachers, even parents. It’s possible they won’t find it. But it’s possible they will. To live in la-la-land and think only your friends will ever find it, I dunno, that amuses me.

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