It is accurate that your wedding was (by far) the best planned wedding of any wedding I’ve been to. But come on, it’s not like we did nothing. We set up, broke down and moved equipment, returned tuxes, shipped stuff to you, brought stuff to your parents, random stuff like that. One of us did the strip tease. I dunno, that counts for something. Relative to other weddings pretty trivial but come on, give us something.

One of the lasting legacies of Henry’s wedding is the leftover alcohol. One of my “responsibilities” was to take the leftover stuff home, where it sat untouched for years. Recently I started using the vodka as rubbing alcohol, to sterilize stuff. I had been using it the other day when our worship pastor came by and I think saw it sitting open in the bathroom. I wonder if he was questioning what I do when I’m home alone. Whoops.

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