It’s interesting what leadership styles people jive with. My style I think has always been, be the “weak” leader. So like when I lead a Bible study for example, I put my weaknesses up front when sharing. It’s always the first thing I talk about.

I’m finding that doesn’t resonate with everyone, they like their leaders to be a bit more “strong”. Jieun’s actually kind of like this in regards to our marriage. So like, she kind of doesn’t want to know my weaknesses in certain ways. If I’m driving and lost, for example, she doesn’t want to know. She literally wants me to lie about it, pretend that I know where I’m going. Or if I’m unsure about anything, she doesn’t want me to tell her.

I dunno, that’s interesting to me. So figuring out how to be the best “leader” in different aspects of my life, I dunno, I’m still working that all out.

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