I think an easy temptation (dunno if that’s the right word) for Christians is to get lost in a cause as opposed to actually loving people. Putting yourself behind some cause is an easier thing to do than the messy business of actually loving people.

I’m against that. So I’m against the Alabama justice guy and the people who support him. I dunno, just my opinion. Who really cares about a monument? Does it change anything practically? No. But people want to make a stand because it’s easier to stand behind a cause than to actually love people.

I’m against certain opponents of abortion for the same reason. Whatever your stand, just the passion some Christians have against abortion to me doesn’t make sense. Like, why do Christians not have the same passion against world hunger? Where are the radical world hunger activists? So yeah, I dunno, I think it’s about more than the issue itself, it’s about identifying with a stand because that’s an easy thing to do.

Anyway, yeah, like with a lot of things, when I turn the lens on me I find myself guilty also. In different ways. Like when I put the focus on being polite or considerate instead of actually loving people, I think I’m doing that. Getting lost in an abstract cause of being/doing right than actually being motivated by love. I dunno, maybe that doesn’t make sense to anyone but yeah, we’re going through Colossians in small group and the last study just emphasized that, where our motivations lie. And I think a lot of times I’m motivated more by doing “right” than on being loving. I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this but yeah, whatever, it’s on my mind.

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