Wait, you’re joking, right Henry? I can’t tell. I hate Cranium passionately. They should call it Brain Stem – it’s only fun for people without higher level brain capacity. At Toys R’ Us they should file it under “Games For Dumb People”. Am I being harsh? Yes. Yes I am.

I’m actually leaning towards voting for Arianna Huffington, even though I’m philosophically opposed to the recall, Gray Davis sucking and all. Is that bold? I dunno. What I like is that she’s the only candidate I’ve heard with the sand to (rightly) take on Proposition 13, specifically in regards to businesses and property valuations. Which is way more realistic than those people who say they will balance the budget with few cuts and no new taxes. Seriously, Prop 13 needs to be dealt with for any real long term solution I think.

And I like her response to someone who asked if such a policy might scare away businesses owners who are already thinking of fleeing California due to taxes and operating costs. (as reported by Fox News via Jeff Wells at MoviePoopShoot.com. Third hand news information through a movie web site. Nothing but the best at dannychai.com) She got ticked off. “You’re saying we need corruption and favoritism to keep businesses here? That’s the kind of mindset that has created so many problems in this state.” 100% agree.

I dunno, I can’t express how much I’m against Prop 13. That colors a lot of how I feel I guess. We’ll see we’ll see. At this moment, no on recall, AH for recall candidate. Why not. It’s a circus anyway.

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