So here was one interesting idea in GoNY. Wasn’t original to the movie, wasn’t even explored particularly well in the movie, I’m just saying it reminded me of this.

Sometimes, there’s a fine line between love and hate. Like, I’m sure we all know examples where someone cheats on the other and then the other hates the cheater passionately. And I dunno, like in the movie, sometimes there are people where you can only love them or hate them, nothing in between.

I know this is just me, but I find that fascinating. Like, you’d think that love and hate are on the opposite ends of the emotion spectrum. But if that were true, that immediate switch from love to hate wouldn’t happen, I think. Just, if you were accustomed to loving someone for a long time, you’d think it would take at least some time to move from love, to indifference, then to hate. But no, it switches immediately.

So I think sometimes there are two parts to emotion. One part being intensity and the other like a good/bad switch. And it’s easier to switch the second one than the first. That’s how the cheating phenomenon works. I dunno, I’m probably wrong but yeah, movies like that where they hate each other and then switch in the middle of an argument to love I completely buy. I dunno, I just feel like it’s real by experience.

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