Fascinating. Sandy Chi responding to Scott Kim’s page. The power of jack.

So we ate at Blue Stones, this new Korean place in Sunnyvale. It’s actually really good, except for the Naeng Myun. Anyway, their menu prominently features this thing called Black Angus Deckle. It’s all over on the menu, in every combination special, and everyone seemed to be ordering it. Any clue what this is, and why it’s such a big deal? I dunno, it just looked like slices of meat to me.

I guess I’m still wondering about what fine Korean dining could be. Maybe it’s like this one meal I had at that nice place in LA Koreatown, I forgot the name, but the one with incredible architecture inside. I mean, by far the nicest architecture I’ve ever seen at a Korean restaurant. Anyway, it was bbq at your table style, and one of the things we had was steak, and it was a really good steak. That was kind of different. I dunno.

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