Catching up on some comments…

Yeah, it’s not just a lack of information about sports teams that makes rooting for another team hard, it’s that all your friends are against you. There’s something about sports that brings a community together, absurd as that sounds, but it does, and when you’re a fan of another team, you don’t just stand outside it, you stand in opposition to it, and that can be tough. Should my kids go through that just because my dad’s a Reds fan? I dunno, not a huge hardship but still.

It’s not just that there’s a bulge, it’s that particular bulge.

Oops, sorry Dave. I always bring up the same things on this page, over and over. I always forget I brought it up before. I dunno, it’s interesting, I have an incredible memory for facts, terrible memory for conversation. Jieun is the exact opposite. That’s why I’m great at keeping secrets. I end up forgetting them after a while.

Have I really told people to start thought pages? I guess I have, just can’t remember. Only person I remember telling to write was Adrian. Prolly when I was in school I used to do this?

I’m trying to figure out why the medical entries are boring also. I think part of it is too much terminology. Snore. Maybe they all seem repetitive?

Are the arcade entries that boring? I guess they are. But I dunno, it was just an important part of all of our childhoods, I think. I remember when I first got my Nintendo, it was like magic, like playing an arcade game in my house. Amazing. Jieun tells me that when her family got theirs, they had a little trouble hooking it up and when they (she actually) figured it out, they did a little impromptu dance / hug. I dunno, I just think it was critical to our generation. Maybe I’m wrong.

In other boring, xanga-esque news, we got our fridge replaced. On Saturday, it started making this loud noise that got progressively louder. Like, imagine a loud dishwasher. Triple that sound. And imagine it being on pretty much constantly, day and night. That was our fridge. The maintenance people, when they heard it, said, “I think you have a diesel powered refrigerator.” I was going insane. Thankfully, replaced now. But stuff like that makes you appreciate the little things in life. Like not having a leaf-blower caliber sound going off in your apartment constantly. That’s always nice.

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