Here are the secrets I know for Street Fighter in the arcade:

  • Dhalsim reset the game – From Street Fighter II. There’s a way to make the game reset using Dhalsim, so if you’re hopelessly behind you can use this cheap trick so that your opponent loses a quarter also. It’s actually kind of cool. The screen flicks off and on and then you see the ROMs being tested and stuff. Powerful.
  • Guile reset the game – Also SFII, same thing as Dhalsim, but a different key combination to make it happen.
  • Guile freeze – SFII. You can make Guile freeze in a weird position. Useless but cool. You can flask kick out of it.
  • Guile “handcuffs” – SFII. Guile does this move and the opponent’s character gets frozen right next to Guile. Without knowing the next trick to get out of it, if time runs out while they’re still frozen the game freezes and you have to reset it.
  • Guile “air throw” – SFII. This glitch where Guile makes his throwing motion even if the opponent isn’t in his grasp and shortly after the opponent falls down as if (s)he were thrown. It’s the only way you can get out of the handcuffs. Good people can use this in combos. The best I got was the flash kick -> air throw combo. Some people could pull off 2 air throws in succession by doing them in opposite directions but I never managed to pull that off.
  • Vega screen scroll – SFII Championship Edition. Actually, I don’t know how to do this but I do know it exists. It’s a lame glitch, but it makes Vega scroll rapidly up and down the screen. No use, just a glitch.
  • Zangief superplex – Super Street Fighter II. My favorite glitch. In SSFII, Zangief has 2 different piledrivers, the original 360 one and a new one where you use the kick buttons. Anyway, there’s a glitch where he can do the second one no matter where the opponent is on the screen. (S)He can be on the opposite side of the screen, and when you initiate the move, they warp to you. Few people know about this trick, and it totally disorients them. Awesome.The thing is, it only works on the normal version of SSFII. They made this tournament version of SSFII where it’s 8 machines linked together, one screen per controller, and it works in like a tournament style. They had this at Tilt in Vallco. Anyway, yeah, the glitch doesn’t work in this version, just the normal one.

Yes, I’m a loser.

There’s one other thing I’d do to maximize my weekly play at Aladdin’s Castle – I’d go through every single machine there and check the change slot. You know, where the token falls if it didn’t go through correctly. I averaged one token a week, so I actually played 2 times each week.

I’m going to say exactly 0 people cared about this entry. I don’t think anyone that reads this page played Street Fighter, which I find odd. Anyway.

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