While waiting for Survivor last night I caught the last part of Access Hollywood. SN. Pat O’Brien is one of my favorite sports broadcasters. Especially his stuff with the Olympics and tennis. I remember his last tennis broadcast on CBS, I think the U.S. Open, after he announced he’s no longer going to be doing sports stuff, and his last words were to his son, basically “Daddy’s finally going to be home.” It was sweet. A little awkward though, because Mary Cirillo (who had great chemistry with O’Brien, zero chemistry with John McEnroe) wasn’t sure what to do and just awkwardly said “nice”. But yeah, I remember that.

Where was I. Oh yeah, Access Hollywood. Did anyone else happen to see the Matrix Revolutions preview?

***** Matrix Revolutions Spoilers *****

I dunno, looks like there’s more Architect level cookiness. I swear, they showed a scene where Neo is talking to Orson Welles as Unicron in Transformers: The Movie. We’ll see I guess, but it looks odd.

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