Apparently in Korea the trend among married couples is that the wife calls the husband “oppa” (older brother). Friends (again, just from what I hear, I have no clue) do this all the time, but it’s percolated into marriage. My parents hate it, think it’s odd. I think it’s somewhat odd myself, but whatever, it’s a LIFO culture; nothing makes sense to me.

My question is, well a few questions, actually. What do the husbands call the wives? And does it ever happen in Korea that an older woman marries a younger man? It must happen, right? Then, do they still use oppa? Or something else?

Another question. A friend from Korea was visiting and she was talking about a friend who works in a clinic and about the insane numbers of women having abortions there. Like some women having up to 7 abortions. My question is, what is the church’s stance on abortion in Korea? For some reason, I get the feeling that the passionately pro-life stance of the evangelical church is a peculiarly American thing. But I have zero data to support it so I’m probably totally wrong. But I’m curious.

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