I hate .so file dependencies. They can kiss me arse. And armpits if they want.

I think for most people college was an exercise in becoming more social. For me though, I think I learned how to be more social, but actually became more antisocial. I’m just thinking about it, and compared to high school, yeah, I became more socially ept, but I hung out with people less quantitatively. And that’s stuck to this day. I dunno, I don’t think think there’s anyone I hang out with consistently besides Jieun.

One thing that’s happened to me is, for some reason, I expect to get replaced relationally. I dunno if it’s insecurity or wanting to be oddly unselfish or what, but yeah, people I’m friends with, I’m waiting for the time when someone else will come in and replace me, and I’m looking for the most gracious exit.

I have no idea why this is, and it’s probably nonsensical, but whatever. And I think that contributes to anti-socialness also.

Someone was saying though how I seem to run into people I know a fair amount. Possibly. But again, that’s a function of being socially competent, not social, if that makes any sense. Maybe just to me.

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