Our apartment complex is dog friendly, and I guess those are rare because it seems like every dog owner in the valley has congregated in our complex. It’s insane how many dogs there are.

One night two dog owners were walking their dogs and they started talking to each other, about each others’ dogs, how beautiful they were, breed, etc. They got on the topic of the number of dogs in the complex, and one made the remark, “There are so many of us (dog owners) here. They really should do something for us.”

Do something for you? Do something for you? Here’s what they should do. They should build an airtight, soundproof kennel so you can all stick your dogs in there at night so we don’t have to hear them when they decide randomly to bark at the top of their canine lungs for hours at 2 in the morning.

Not that I’m bitter. I love dogs. Just not super loud ones between 1 and 7 in the morning.

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