I grind my teeth. I’ve ground my teeth ever since I was a kid. I think it’s genetic – my mom does also. I’ve heard her do it – it’s so loud you could hear it through their bedroom door. Anyway, because of that, I have no fangs. You know, there are those teeth that look like fangs, I don’t have the fangs because they’ve been ground down flat. It actually helps give me the appearance that my teeth are straighter than they are, because my fangs are smoothed down.

I was looking at my teeth recently though and they’re getting ground down to dangerously low levels and I was getting scared. Just, it’s a permanent thing, you know? It’s not like your tooth enamel grows back. So a dentist friend of mine made me a mouthguard. I actually hadn’t made it through an entire night but after noticing the perilously low levels of my teeth the other day I forced myself to go the whole night with it on.

It was one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve ever had. I was getting up every half hour. At one point I thought it must be close to morning since it felt like I’d been in bed so long and the clock said 3 AM. Utterly exhausted today. And I’m wondering why that is. Maybe I need to grind my teeth to sleep? Like Eddie and his nose rubbing thing? No idea. But I’m hoping my body gets used to not grinding; not sure how much more no sleep I can take.