It’s kind of true, I do relate to Samson. Not in terms of strength, just in terms of stupidity. The fact that I continually, stupidly turn to things that I know want to destroy me because #1 I think I can handle them and #2 I think I’ll be satisfied in them. Stupidity.

I’ve said this over and over but I have no problem with people disliking, even hating Reloaded. But I can’t believe one of Scott’s primary objections to it is the “theoretical impossibility” of Zion. First of all, it’s just a sci-fi movie. But even then, it’s certainly theoretically possible. Given that the entire earth has cooled (thus the need to be near the earth’s core in the first place) why assume that there’s still layers of molten lava at higher levels? That doesn’t make sense.

As for water and air, for water they could do what apparently they’re doing in Japan now as they’re starting to build deeper and deeper underground, with percolation ponds, whatever it’s called. And once you have a certain supply, if you’re careful enough, you can be self-sustaining. Oxygen you get from water. That was supposedly NASA’s plan for colonies on the moon, getting oxygen from ice on the moon. And it may be (not sure) how they got oxygen on Mars in Total Recall, starring Governor Schwarzenegger.

As for power to do all these things, if they’re near heat, they can get power. They’re far in the future, so it’s reasonable to assume they have efficient ways of transforming heat to power.

Far fetched? Undoubtedly. But it’s definitely not “theoretically” impossible.

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