Question. Is gambling wrong? From a Christian standpoint. I say yes, but I’m not completely settled on it.

Yes, gambling ruins lives. Many lives. Because of the excess, people getting out of control. But then, if it’s done in moderation, is it OK? The question someone asked me was this: how is it different from alcohol? Alcohol ruins countless lives. But still, it’s not alcohol itself that’s bad, but excess, drunkenness. At least, that’s the Biblical stance.

So that gambling ruins lives isn’t in itself a compelling argument for it being inherently bad. Someone brought up the issue of stewardship, that gambling isn’t be a good steward of your money. But again, if it’s done in moderation, just for entertainment, how is it different from like going to the movies or whatever? Or going on a hot air balloon ride. You have a fixed amount of money, you spend it on entertainment, is that wrong?

I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I still think gambling is wrong, unless it’s for like pennies, which kind of destroys the purity of my position I guess, but still. I just can’t come up with a fantastic argument as for why it is. Just a gut feeling.

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