So I don’t understand Christian music. I think this is related to my tornness between outreach and acceptance, maybe not. I’ve read a fair bit about the history of Contemporary Christian Music, and a for a long time, it was viewed as being almost entirely for the purpose of evangelism, primarily to youth. So altar calls were common, stuff like that.

But I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but CCM doesn’t seem like a particularly good outreach tool. Mostly because it’s so entrenched in its own subculture. It seems more like CCM is a way for Christians in their own subculture to mimic the world without being completely heathen, whatever that means. If anything, it almost seems like a gateway for Christians to the world.

I dunno, I’m probably wrong about this. But yeah, I know I know very little about CCM nowadays, but when I look at it, it doesn’t really feel like it’s drawing the world into the church. It seems like it’s drawing the church into mimicking the world, if that makes any sense. Probably not.

At any rate, the book I jive with most is Charlie Peacock’s At The Crossroads, I think. He’s big on having a kingdom perspective. Always having a larger view. And some music, like worship music, should have a very specific purpose. But that’s not the sole purpose of music. I jive with that. Music is just music. I’m doing a horrible job of explaining this thing that no one cares about but whatever. Love of the game.