The reason I like Bohnanza is, skill makes a significant difference in how well you do, but luck is enough of a factor that anyone can still have a chance to win. I’m coming to believe that when everyone knows how to play, luck is more of a factor in Settlers, and that’s kind of frustrating. I dunno, that’s just how I’ve felt lately.

So I’ve been playing some poker and I realized that when it counts, for money or pushups or whatever, I don’t think I’ve ever lost. Not necessarily won, just not lost – at least come out even. Anyway, I think I’ve got a fairly good grasp of No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em now. And I strongly believe you should never play No Limit style with newcomers for money ever. It’s simply not fair, and they can lose their money way too quickly. And that’s fun for no one.

What I’ve noticed about most people I play with also is that they don’t know when to fold. I dunno. My advice for a beginner is, you can never fold too much. When you get your good hand, the other dumb beginners will stay in with you so you’ll do OK with that. So just fold fold fold until you get a great hand, and you’ll end up ahead.

Also, it makes no sense to play No Limit unless you’re playing tournament style. I think. Otherwise, it should be limit Hold ‘Em. But anyway.

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