Jieun and I took my grandma to her annual Rockets game. At the new Toyota Center, which is very nice. Anyway, what follows is a completely true exchange that occurred while we were walking inside.

Random teenager, to Jieun: “Hey, y’all know Yao Ming?”

Jieun: “Yeah, we’re his cousins.”

Random teenager, to his friends, excitedly: “Dude, those are Yao Ming’s cousins!!!”

The innocence of Houstonions. Gotta love it.

I was talking to my dad, a Southern Baptist minister, about the whole Lifeway VBS thing, and in the course of the conversation, he says, “Well, Southern Baptists are basically racists.” It would take too long to explain that comment but I just thought it was funny.

As a side note, the guy who wrote The Purpose Driven Life, which I should probably read although everyone else and their dog seems to have read it already (it’s #1 on one of the NYTimes lists, I think “Self-Help”, and was on the cover of the business section of the Houston Chron, of all things), is also a Southern Baptist minister. Random.

Oh, and I didn’t cry during Cold Mountain! Progress!

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