I want to get something straight. I am decidedly not a popular guy. Unless you define popular as sitting at home watching repeated episodes of Alias and playing endless games of Spider Solitaire. (SN. I have no idea what happened but all of a sudden I’ve gotten way better at Spider Solitaire. Like, I beat advanced level the other day. And my intermediate win rate before was 15%, now it’s like 45%. No clue what happened.)

I’m not sure why I’m so emphatic about this. I think what it is is, I’m distrustful of a particular brand of super social person. I have no idea why. I can’t even define what this is. Actually, maybe it’s this. Some people are popular because they’re genuinely friendly. I love people like this. All of the social people at church are like this. One of the things I like about it. Then there are people who *need* to feel like they know a lot of people. Something about that I distrust, no clue why.

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